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Barog Himachal

Barog :: Barog Himachal

Barog Himachal ::Barog (hp) The belly of the mountain holds the longest railway tunnel on the Kalka-Shimla route-exactly 1,143 m long. At the end of the tunnel is a quaint station of wooden proportions. This building has existed since 1903 when the line was opened and is built on a curvature. The wooden verandah running along the entire length of the lodge with its crisscrossing balustrade gives a feeling of immense space. The restaurant windows peep through a bevy of bush-rose creepers. A honeymoon cottage is a new addition.

Barog in Himachal :: Mornings at Barog (hp) are enthralling. The night may have been romantic but the morning is captivating and the senses open up to the sweet voices of the wild. The call lifts from within the valley and wafts across the pines from an enclosure hidden to the eye. The pines of Barog are full of her cavort and pleasantries.

Below, the longest tunnel on the rail route with a mechanical regularly keeps swallowing and spewing out trains.