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History of Kangra

Kangra :: History of Kangra

Historically known as Nagarkot, the town of Kangra was founded by Katoch Kshatriya Rajputs of Chandervanshi Lineage , who were rulers in Trigarta Central Asia. The Katoch Rajas had a stronghold here, with a fort and rich temples. Mahmud of Ghazni took the fort in 1009 and from one of the temples carried off a vast treasure. In 1360 Kangra was again plundered, by Feroz Shah Tughluq. The temple of Devi Bajreshri was one of the oldest and wealthiest in northern India. It was destroyed, together with the fort and the town, by 1905 Kangra earthquake on the 4th April 1905, when 1339 lives were lost in this place alone, and about 20,000 elsewhere. In 1855 the headquarters of the district were removed to the cantonment of Dharmsala, which was established in 1849.

Kangra was also occupied by the Nepalese (previously known as Gurkhas) and make it a part of Greater Nepal. In 1809, Ranjit Singh the ruler of the Sikh state in the Punjab, had intervened and drove the Nepalese army east of the Satluj river. Later it was lost to the British in the mid-19th century. Kangra was merged in India in 1948 by the than titled Raja of Kangra-Lambagraon namely Raja Druv Dev Chand Katoch.