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Shimla Toy Train

Shimla :: Shimla Toy Train

The verdant valleys of Himachal Pradesh are incomparable in offering a panoramic feast to tourists who flock to the state round the year. Easily accessible from the plains of northern India, the picturesque Shivalik valley in the Kalka-Shimla region affords a breathtaking experience.

Promoting the concept of integrated tourism development, the Indian Railways after collaborating with the Himachal Tourism have added a touch of class to the Kalka-Shimla toy-train services.

The Kalka Shimla Rail Route
The 96-km long Kalka-Shimla narrow gauge railway track combines antiquity and modernity with a cocktail of pilgrimage and glamour. The rail motor car of 1927 vintage which had the unique distinction of bringing Mahatma Gandhi in 1945 to Shimla for talks with Viceroy Wavell about British plans for leaving India, is still rail worthy and remains a tourist's delight. The Gothic-style Barog railway station has become a favourite jaunt of Bollywood stars.

If the Kalka-Shimla road is a triumph of engineering skill, the phrase can be applied with even greater truth to the Kalka-Shimla rail track. Going back to 1903, it is an engineering marvel, with 103 tunnels and over 700 non-girder bridges in a distance of only 96-km. The route's longest tunnel, midway at Barog, is 3,760 feet long. More than two- thirds of the entire track is on curves, some as sharp as 48 degrees.